An unforgettable break from University

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

This month we got a few student voluntourists from The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), who stayed for two weeks at the center. They benefited the children greatly during their stay. They taught Mandarin and Spanish, played games with the children, held origami sessions, made posters in Chinese, and shared with the children about their life exper11222730_855957824474022_1359955543527977165_oiences. The children were very happy to attend the Mandarin classes, as our Medan center had been eagerly awaiting their arrival. This class was well-attended, with almost 30 students ranging from SD1 to SD6 (Grades 1-6). The children were very engaged even when the volunteers conducted a quiz after the lesson. The volunteers also gave some small prizes to the children11731950_855957844474020_8033295286607673986_o in order to raise their motivation. They also sang a nice song called “I LOVE YOU” along with the volunteers, with dance and gestures. This song conveyed the meaning that we are a family and we love each other. Apart from this, we also had La Clase de Espanol, which was conducted by Yun Tian for the senior and junior students. They learnt how to count and say basic greetings. During the last session, the students also had a small conversation in a group. It was very interesting because the children could practice their Spanish and gain new knowledge about the language.

by Marcus, Estrella and Even, Voluntourist, IHF Medan

As soon as we arrived at the center, we were deeply moved by everyone’s passion and enthusiasm. We conversed a lot about the journey and the lounnamedcal weather. Staying here and chatting with them was really unforgettable for us.

On Friday we arranged a Mandarin class for the students in primary school. All of them were totally engaged in the class and they were able to answer the questions with no hesitation, which really exceeded our expectations.

After the Mandarin class, we made a poster with Arabic and Chinese numbers on it to decorate the center. Additionally, we helped with the attendance name list.
It was a memorable week in the Medan center. We are looking forward to another busy but enriching week here.

Chinese Class

Our two-weeks volunteering at IHF’s Medan center will always remain a wonderful memory in our lives.


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