The best birthday present ever

by Muxin, IHF Chiang Rai Voluntourist

After spending only two weeks at the center, we already feel like a part of the family. The children have so much love to share. Although they are not so expressive, it is the little things they dao unexpectedly that make my heart melt.

I was very lucky to spend my 18th birthday at the center. I had a beautiful day enjoying the treats that Chiang Rai has to offer. Although I suffered an ice cream-overload, it was a day I will never forget. Turning 18 at IHF has been the best present I could ever ask for. It has not only shown me the love and care that the human race has for each other no matter where you come from, but it has given me the experience of a lifetime – one that will continue to live with me for the rest of my life.

When the taxi arrived to fetch us to the airport, I was sad to say goodbye, but happy to have had the chance to meet these beautiful people, live with them, share memories and be a part of their precious lives for this moment.



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