Take part of our new community in Chiang Rai!

by Ushmi, Co-Director, IHF Chiang Rai

We have been holding fundraising events every fortnight and after hosting four events I can say we have been successful beyond expected.image

The primary idea of holding regular events is to raise awareness about IHF and our projects. But, we also wanted to engage more with our community. I believe in a two-way development- through IHF and to our community. I wanted the event to present an opportunity for anyone to showcase their work, share their passions and also partner with us in building the support we need to help those that need us

A local photographer and a good friend only took pictures as a passion and never believed others would see what she saw in her pictures. After agreeing to share her work at our event, we managed to auction four pictures at astounding prices. She is now developing her skill as a profession. Seeing tears roll down her mother’s cheeks as a picture was auctioned to a guest made me smile at our achievement. The money she received, she gave back to IHF.

Our latest event took a leap I never imagined could happen in such a short time. This time we decided to play charades with superb prizes at stake. One of these prizes was a painting done by our very own teenager at IHF Thailand. He was proud to make a piece for our winning supporter and was even happier to present this prize to the well deserved. Darid is a shy young man and can be lazy like any other teenager so I was even more amazed at how happy he was to do this without being pushed- at his own will- in front of a crowd we were only but acquainted with. Darid sees a future and that is what we want for our children.

The coffee shop that hosts our event is a special venue and this adds to the idea of our project- creating a place for the community to come together, making new friends with a common understanding of socio-economic development.a3

The founder of the coffee shop promotes healthy, environmentally friendly coffee. A female entrepreneur, she cares deeply not just for her coffee but also for her customers and our environment at large. Our regular event has also allowed us to raise awareness about this sustainable development vision, a vision that must be known and believed by all if we want to finally succeed in eradicating poverty and establishing equality.

We, IHF, are making a difference even without knowing it and not only for our children but for the surrounding environment that they live in. We are helping the children but I can finally feel my heart smile when I see the children help their community.


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