From Medan to Bali, but always IHF!

by Lissa, Co-Director, IHF Medan

This is my 11th month at IHF as a Co-Director in the Medan Center. I’ve been really enjoying working as a volunteer. Getting a chance to teach the children, play with them and working together with all the volunteers from various backgrounds.IMG_20150729_072357

Last week I had my long weekend off and took this chance to visit one of the other IHF Centers in Bali. I met Esther, the current Co-Director in Bali. I’ve actuLissa & Estherally been working with Esther on the international team and we have been communicating with each other for a long time, so I took this chance to meet her and the other volunteers in Bali. Bali is completely different from Medan. The first time I landed in Bali I really didn’t feel like I was in Indonesia, as the City is really touristic. The first time I arrived at the center, I was welcomed very warmly by Esther and the volunteers there, Carlos, Caro, Laura and others that are too many to name.

The Bali Center set up is a little bit different from Medan. Every center is different and gives a different experience when spending time there. I got a chance to meet the kids in Bali. I was so impressed when the kids spoke Indonesian with me. This is because their accent sounds really different than the accent of people in Medan. I couldn’t stop giggling especially when they asked me if I’m from Indonesia. The people are really friendly in Bali. It was a very relaxing way to spend my days off. I made nice new friends who are like family.



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