No time to rest in Nakuru

By Angus, Co-director, IHF Nakuru

After finally finishing all the renovations and building a new fence, I expected things at the center to be a bit slow this week. However, the Kenya center has  once again proven me wrong. Organising 64 children for their first day of school is a monumental task. Visiting and lining up at several different banks in order to pay all the school fees is a project in itself. Then you need to find all the school uniforms! Cast aside after the last day of term, the center children now had to remember where they had put that left shoe and dig into their boxes to find that missing sock.

We are also coming close to harvest time in the farm. That means plenty of work for children, staff and directors alike. We have started to harvest our maize, tomatoes and kales. Personally, I am very excited for when we are able to pick the sweet potatoes. The pitter-patter of tiny animal feet is a prominent noise around the center. Every day there seems to be a new litter of rabbits and they are definitely as hungry! Soon I believe they may outnumber the children.  The chickens are al

so breeding well. We are hoping to continue our agriculture products and provide the children with a better diet.

This coupled with normal administrative tasks of the center meant that once again the staff, children and volunteers have had a busy week.

There are always so many varied tasks to do at the center, there is never a dull moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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