It’s easy to love Aceh

By Max, Work study volunteer, Banda Aceh

Before I arrived at the center in Banda Aceh, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But after researching online, reading blog posts and seeing IHF’s high ratings I had a great feeling. These positive impressions continued during my one-month stay in Indonesia. The most amazing part of my experience was the variety of daily activities I was able to participate in.


First, working with the kids who are nice, respectful and eager to learn is challenging but fun and very rewarding. Secon
d, working and living with young, smart and enthusiastic people from all over the world in a backpacker-like atmosphere at the center is a great experience. It not only opens your horizons about Indonesia, but other countries in the world as well.

Third, doing basic handyman tasks around the center freed my mind and was a welcomed break from academic rigor back home.


Fourth, soaking up the authentic Indonesian lifestyle through making friends at the center with local volunteers, walking or shopping in the city, and participating in sports at the gym or on the football pitch, enabled my stay to become incredibly genuine.

Finally, exploring beautiful Indonesian beaches and cultural sights on Sundays made me appreciate Indonesia as a country even more. All those factors made my time spent with IHF so precious and exciting for me. Everyday felt like I did something useful, because I could see that the kids, parents and Aceh people were very grateful for our help. Personally, this experience was incredibly grounding, and fostered my desire to help underprivileged communities around the world.


Thank you IHF Banda Aceh, for this wonderful opportunity.

Greetings to the guys back in Aceh!


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