Amazing life experience with IHF

By Marcel, Co-director, IHF Nakuru

It’s my last full week in IHF, so I guess this is goodbye. My time here has been interesting. I have had many new experiences, situations to be face on the spot, and changes to the way I see the world.CIMG0919

I have learned more in this half a year than I ever had at university or working in an office. First and foremost would be self-reliance and responsibility. Here, you have to be prepared to deal with anything.  Whether it’s the plumber who took money and doesn’t feel like finishing his job, finding one of the cowmen to be a thief stealing your corn or taking blind girl with schizophrenia back into compound, you have to be able to get things sorted. You have to be able to act, often taking a risk yourself. Your comfort zone expands rapidly as you accrue more and more life experience.

With IHF, I also learned a lot about children and even general human psychic and group dynamics. You begin to see how people can be completely different even though they have been shaped by the same socio-economic environment and culture.  You learn that things don’t last forever (nor are they meant to) and that conditions are never 100% guaranteed. These two obvious truths have been forgotten by first world countriesCIMG0837 with all their guaranties, insurances and trust in modern technology / medicine to fix our problems. By being in the third world, you learn how to live as it is with no reassurances whatsoever, and accept difficult situations more as temporary occurrences rather than an indefinite status-quo. Living the moment– I guess that’s what it’s called. You feel truly, inexplicably free.


This experience has probably been the biggest of my life.

Thank you IHF


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