How do you engage students in learning?

By Sahat, Co-director, IHF Medan

Learning English language has always been a very interesting activity for our students. Teachers are always creating a better way to attract the studen20150820_181952ts’ motivation and to engage in the learning process. Changing them from passive learners to active learners.

Robiyani, one of our English teachers, has successfully created a strategy in her teaching. She wanted to apply a game to increase the vocabulary for our elementary aged students. It’s called “Head and Tail”. The purpose of this game is to help them learn new vocabulary and recall on their minds of English words that they have. Students take a minute to work in groups and list as many vocabulary words as they could. Then they shared their lists with the class as a part of a formal discussion. This kind of teaching was a great method to involve the students and teach them to work together through sharing ideas among themselves as engaged learners.

We also believe that a class game can be a great way to make the students more excited about learning. Not only because it aids in review20150818_194859 (2)ing course material, but also because it helps them enjoy leaning about a topic. Incorporating different games such as scrabble or puzzles always gets the students’ minds going. The students get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from this.


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