IHF’s Birthday Gift to Me

By Gabby, Co-director, IHF Jakarta

Butterflies welling in my stomach, I traveled from the airport by Bajaj and bus to IHF’s Jakarta center. The bustle of people and motorbikes zipping only adphotoded to my excitement about this new journey with IHF. Always having had a taste for adventure,
I was excited to be living in Jakarta for a whole year! Upon my arrival, Alice made me feel right at home—even though I arrived about an hour and a half late (sorry!).

I have been at the Jakarta center for two weeks now, and can already see my time here as a co-director will impact my life in an immeasurable way.  Though the children have abundant energy at times, they are among their friends and capitalizing on an opportunity to expand their knowledge through mathematics, English, Alfatoun and computer classes.  Even with limited resources, all of the local volunteers and co-directors are able to inspire oof sept 14 021ur students not only to learn, but have fun as well! Such was demonstrated by the coordination of a movie night on Wednesday, were we made popcorn and watched Guardians of the Galaxy with our students.
Coincidently , it was also my birthday! Being my first birthday abroad, it reminded me how long I would be away from my friends and family back in the United States. However, the IHF family surprised me with a cake! I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Thank you Karin aof sept 14 029nd Alice, for making me feel at home.

That act of kindness gave me the confidence booster I needed for my class on Friday. I was both nervous and excited to be teaching the SD 6 class. The class had been working on model verbs and the past continuous tense over the last two weeks or so, and I was to administer a quiz. The students were engaged during our review of the material and worked diligently on the quiz.

Though international experiences and non-profit work are my two greatest passions, volunteering with IHF will by my first opportunity to do both in junction with one another. The cultural awareness I am gaining along with the insight into of sept 14 028the true impact a small dedicated group of individuals can have on a community is bar none. Thank you IHF, for availing me this opportunity to learn about Indonesian culture, experience life abroad, and most importantly, use my skills to help children learn and gro

Being able to assist IHF in its mission to bring equal education to all is the greatest gift I have ever received.

Thank you, IHF!


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