The Art of Teaching

By Sahat, Co-Director IHF Medan

One of our local teachers, Jenifer, has a beautiful art of teachingArt class. Every day at the center, she makes sure that her classes’ are a great performance. She really has a pure heart for teaching children and maintains positive interactions with the kids. This works to build the relationship between them all. She is still young, being only 16 years of age, but she never loses a chance to prepare a better learning experience. Jenifer creates classroom activities and games to make learning come alive for our children.

This week, she decided upon watching a video. Attentively watching English movies and television programs is one of the best ways to increase listening skills.
Jenifer and her students all watched together. There are so many things that the children can pick up from this kind of programming, which expands their understanding of Jenifer with her studentsgrammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Jennifer says that the children were able to catch a lot of the words spoken by the characters in the film. We are so proud of them!

It is very important for us to create engaging educational games and minimize boredom in the classroom. One thing that we always try to incorporate into our teaching at the center is drawing. As such, this was one program that was organized for the children this week. We held an art class for our SD2 English students which functioned as a catalyst for the children to explore their creativity. The children created wonderful pieces of artwork and seemed to enjoy themselves greatly. They sported joyful expressions on their faces throughout this fun educational activity.


On a final note, Dustin, a co-director from IHF Aceh center, visited us here at Medan. He recently finished his long term volunteering with IHF. Lissa and I spent some hours with him before he began his journey to Thailand and then the United States. We relaxed, chatted and had a lovely lunch at the center as we said our farewells. It such a great experience to meet him face to face and talk more about life in terms of international volunteering.

Best of luck Dustin!


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