Julie goes on a Trip and our Maize Continues to Amaze in Nakuru!

By Julie, Executive Director Thailand and Kenya

The maize harvest has been amazing so far this year. The back-breaking work of putting the maize in and out of the store every day to dry continues to keep me fit.  All of our neighbours are in awe of our crop. This satisfies me greatly as I have only been farming at the centre for three years. I’m sure that the maize is going to last us through the dry
season and right into next year. This will assist us greatly in feeding the children.

sadfghjI also had the opportunity tp take a short break and travel to Uganda. It’s easy and cheap (about $20) to get from Nakuru to Kampala by bus. The trip takes about 12 hours. I chose to take the day bus so that I could see the scenery. Looking out the window and seeing the tea plantations near Kericho was a delight.

My adventure also took me to  Jinja, which kjhgfdis the source of the Nile. I enjoyed seeing the varied wildlife inhabiting the area. The huge colony of bats, water birds and the reptiles were most intriguing to me.

A friend suggested to visit the Sesse Islands in the middle of Lake Victoria. The trip by ferry from Entebbe was erghjkiamazing, and the islands were some of the most serene I have visited.

It was great to know that such amazing locations are just a day’s journey from the IHF centre in Nakuru. And of course, I loved the warm welcome by all the centre children upon my return home.


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