New Desks Enhance Jakarta Center!

photo 1By Alice, co-director IHF Jakarta

Our Jakarta center is finally starting to settle into a routine again after the arrival of our new co-director Gabby. Vlad, our previous co-director transferred to the Aceh center.

The weather in Jakarta has been extremely hot this week, which has left a heavy slow feeling over the whole city. However, this feeling never lasts at our center! photo 2From around 1:00 PM when kids stream into the center, until our last class which ends around 8 PM, IHF Jakarta is full to the brim with energy. No matter how ‘normal’ a week at the center is, it’s never quiet. There are always new registrations, parents question’s to answer, new exciting activities to plan and kids bouncing around between classes.

photo 3Most notably this week however, was the delivery of brand new desks to our center! These beautiful desks replaced ones which were starting to fall apart after years of daily use by IHF students. The new desks were extremely well received by the students and co-directors.  All of us are always excited to see new additions around the center!

Over the past few weeks, several new local volunteers have started at our center. We have had a great response rate to our advertisements for math teachers, and it is heart-warming to see the locals work so strongly with IHF to deliver much needed education to the less fortunate in their community.


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