Learning how to Save a Life at IHF Bali!

By Virginia, Voluntourist

IMG_5677After a morning visiting the Tirita Gangga Water Palace with Laura, it was time to head back to the center. As it was Wednesday, it was time to run a special activity. We had to
get back to give the children a lesson in First Aid!

The premise of the class was to talk the children through a scenario where they discover someone unconscious on the beach. We used Amanda as our example. Though she was simply on a table, she was represented someone IMG_5690lying on the beach and seemingly unconscious. We spent a couple of hours going through different scenarios like this. At the end the children knew who to call during this type of situation and how to do basic CPR. We introduced them to the song “Staying Alive” and had them practice their cardiac massages to the beat.

After the children all practiced on Amanda, everyone had a chance to be “doctor” or “patient”.

IMG_5693Even if they didn’t perfectly
remember all the actions to do in the right order, they tried hard and paid attention to what we were demonstrating. In the end, we were satisfied of the
results: we were able to speak about something important between laughter and games.


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