Blanket Games and Hair Braiding in Nakuru

024By Julie, Executive Director Kenya and Thailand

Despite our best efforts to run extra activities such as workshops, sports competitions and Movie nights, boredom has really set in with all the kids with the extended teacher’s strike going on.  The boys have invented a tug of war game with one of our new blankets! I didn’t have the heart to tell them off as they seemed to be having such fun. In the end no harm was done.  002The girls seem to spend the time endlessly weaving and un-weaving their hair. It always amazes me how much time and money Kenyan ladies spend on their appearance (unlike me who as a typical ‘Muzunga’ treks around in baggies and a t-shirt).  However, it all looks a bit painful to me. One of my friends told me that when she has her hair braided she has a headache for a week!

003Nyoru and I have posed for a ‘selfie’.  Last year Nyoru was quite hard work, as she struggled facing some of the challenges of becoming a teenager.  She has come through it now and is back on track. In fact, she has become one of my favourite girls. I think all the work I had to put in with her and the reward of seeing her blossom has made us very close.


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