A Musical Voluntourist and Cultural Dances at IHF Medan!

By: Sahat

A new Voluntourist visited our centre this September from the UAE. She was energetic, friendly and excited to devote her time  bettering the lives of the children at our center.  The kids at our center enjoyed her company. She played the guitar and sang songs with them. She even wrote a song for the children along with one of our local volunteers- Jenifer.

With every volunteer that comes to spend time at the centre, our children get an opportunity to learn about a new country, a new way of life, a new skill or two, knowledge about the world’s varied cultures, and the different backgrounds and experiences each individual may have. Our children look forward to meeting new people, interacting, and having a good time with them. Overall it’s an enriching experience to have new volunteers help at the centre.

Apart from this, there were singing and dance sessions held for children during September. Some of the children presented a dance sequence on one of the local Bataknese songs. They had a good time preparing it and presenting to the volunteers and teachers. Everyone appreciated their effort.



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