Painting Arms and Rocks at IHF Bali!

IMG_0052By: Amanda, Co-Director

IHF Bali has two special activities per week. The activities this week kept to the same theme, paint! On Wednesday, we gathered in the outdoor classroom under the Lumbung and had a face-painting activity. Very soon we learned that the children don’t like the idea of painting their faces. It quickly turned into an arm painting activity! IMG_0038The children were able to request different designs (Frozen & Minions being very popular choices) and the directors and work-study volunteer did their best to make them happy.

Saturday saw us painting again. IHF Bali is located on a beach full of beautiful, round rocks. The children gathered some rocks from the beach and painted them. We have used the rocks to decorate the center grounds and add a splash of colour here and there. Once again, minions were a top IMG_6047design choice of our students!

The days are getting hotter here in Bali but we are lucky enough to have our shaded classroom to enjoy activities like these outdoors and still be protected from the sun.


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