Voluntourist Stefania Welcomed to the Nakuru Family!

By: Stefania, Voluntourist

My name is Stefania and I’m a voluntourist from Italy. I have been in Nakuru for one week, and will stay here for two more. I am already having a wonderful time with the children and the directors. Nakuru is such a good place to stay. People are always smiling ,asking how you are, shaking hands and eager to assist one another. I’m having beautiful moments, full of emotion. For me, talking with them about our different cultures is so fascinating.

Nakuru  Center is a big family in which you are welcomed warmly the second you arrive. I decided to come to Africa and have this experience because I wanted to give my help and to see new realities. Now that I’m here I understand that it’s not easy to lead and organize a center like this as there are many children and so much work to be done.

There are a lot of nice activities to do here. We have chickens and rabbits to feed and keep clean every day, and I think it’s really a good thing to teach the kids how to care for animals. Every day a different child comes with me as I tend to the animals. They always seem really interested in caring for them.

In these days we also had a hard but satisfying work: moving the maize from the study room to the courtyard waiting for the machine to remove corns. At the end we were tired, but there was so much maize for children!

I’m sure these next two weeks will be great, because children are so nice and it’s really a pleasure to spend time with them!


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