Ambient Aceh

JpegBy: Vlad, Co-Director IHF Aceh

I have recently moved from IHF’s Jakarta’s center to the one in Aceh. Though both centers have the same mission to make education accessible to all, the energy and ways in which these goals are executed could not be more different.  Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and the second largest city in the world, is high intensity and impressively busy. Aceh on the other hand, is laid back and calm—mirroring its more rural location. The house in Aceh is very old and the roof is licking, but we are working on it.

Time moves at a different pace in Aceh.  With the Jpegslower pace, we are more able to exorcise our creative juices and get to know not just the students, but their families as well. The students are as cute and eager to play (and sometimes learn) as they are in Jakarta, but the huge garden, open classrooms, table tennis and few other bits, makes all the difference. There are drawings on the garden walls. One of them says “The world is but a canvas of your imagination.”

JpegThe quote makes you think about the future, especially being so far from home, laying the foundations of someone’s desire to explore the world: start with teaching them English.


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