Fostering Creativity in Jakarta!

By: Gabby, Co-Director IHFJakarta

This Wednesday was the Islamic New Year, which meant the students didn’t have school.  US co-12165328_10205514647001647_1257808156_oDirectors thought it would be the perfect time to have an Arts and Crafts
day! There were three stations set up: bracelet making, bookmark creation, and origami. The bracelets were a definite hit for the girls, whereas making bookmarks and origami seemed to be a favorite for the boys. Karin and Alice lead the bracelet making activity, and I took charge of the Bookmarks and origami.

The students had many colors of string to choose from, but the combo of green or pink and white seemed to be an overall favorite.  There was also a nice variety of beads, if they wished to give their creations some added flair

At the bookmark station, the students flexed those muscles of creativity. They were able to draw anything they wanted on the paper that was to become the 12169180_10205514646961646_1116489091_obookmark, glue different colored paper on top, and then choose what color they wanted their tassels to be! We covered their bookmarks with glue-like paste to seal them and reduce the chance of damage.  All of the students waited patiently for their bookmarks to dry so they could take them home. Some even attached them as key chains to their school bags!

There was one point in which I had quite the scare. One of the student’s bookmarks had disappeared! We were devastated—he had really enjoyed the activity and was excited about bringing his bookmark home. He had already started walking down the street when Ica, another student at our center, was helping sweep the floor and found it! Elated, I 12164442_10205514645041598_1397829478_ocalled after Mikala down the street, and ran to give him his bookmark. He so pleased to be able to take his creation home.

Our last activity station was origami. This was mostly used as “filler” for students who had finished other activities or were waiting for their bookmarks to dry. In small groups, we worked on making paper cranes and lanterns.

Overall, the students had a lot of fun! It is always great to see them expressing themselves creatively.


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