Tantalizing Tastes

By: Virginia, Co-Director IHF Bali

When my plane touched down in Bali last IMG_2602week, I began my year as a co-director with IHF. I’m from Spain and this is my first time in Asia. As such everyday things amazed me: the culture, the streets, the people, the blue sea, the smells all around. If there is something that I already love it is the food. I have been a lover of food, and I can’t get over how good everything tastes!

IMG_2587We are really lucky here in Bali because we have a wonderful woman who cooks for us, named Kadek.
Every morning she brings fresh vegetables and fruits, (some which are absolutely new for me) and sets off on her task of feeding us volunteers! Of course rice is something common and I expected that from the beginning, but the vegetables, cooked in many different ways, chicken, tofu, and soy, creates a party of flavor for my taste buds every single meal. This is Asia, and boy do the people know how to cook!

The dishes are not elaborate, but the sauce or theIMG_2566 spices confer this great taste to the
most simple thing. The mix of sweet and spicy in the peanuts sauce is so good that you don’t realize that you are eating just some soy and beans with rice.

These delicious combinations are not just found in the centre kitchen. You can go out to the night market in Candidasa, too. Just stop in any of the hats/restaurants around and enjoy an amazing plate of one of the local dishes for a dollar or less!. To make the perfect meal you can add a natural juice, I just try with melon, dragon fruit, pineapple. I didn’t know what I was missing!

It will take time for me to learn the names of all this great dishes, but by the end of my stay, I will definitely know how to cook them!


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