Our Children in Nakuru Rise to the Challenge!

By: Julie, Executive Director Kenya and Thailand

TDSCN2100his has been one of the busiest weeks of my time at IHF. My dear friends, colleagues and co-directors – Rafa and Angus – have left IHF having completed their service. The children and I miss their energy, commitment and sense of humor. We are awaiting the arrival of new co-directors. In the interim I am ‘in charge’ and acting Mum to 64 lovely children, which takes being a single parent to a whole new level.  

Having said that, I have been amazed and so grateful for our wonderful voluntourist, Stefania, who has been up to every task I’ve thrown at her. DSCN2099She’s put in loads of hours and I will definitely need to go home for a well deserved rest. She says she’s loved the challenge and being busy – so I think she has enjoyed being so involved in the centre work.  

The kids have also been a great help. Several of the senior boys and girls have taken charge of many administrative functions and responsibilities. This is benefits them greatly, as they have a greater understanding of how the centre works and what it takes to make it run smoothly. By stepping up, they have gained the respect of not just myself, but their peers as well.  

DSCN2102We’ve also had great help from the community in the shape of Mwengaza College. Around 30 young people came for the day to work on a compound clean up, the farm and playing sport and other activities with the children. They also fundraised and donated loads of clothes, food and treats.  I was so impressed by their genuine desire to give back to their community and their sense of service to others. These young people will go on to be university graduates, leaders of their communities, and influencers in their country.  I think Kenya has a bright future if there are young people like these leading the way.


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