Giving our Students Wings at IHF Jakarta!

photo 4By: Gabby, Co-Director IHF

Though it is sweltering here in Jakarta, our creativity has not been stifled! We have had a great string of craft activities these past few weeks. Our most recent one was making planes out of Popsicle sticks and clothespins. The activity had three phases: First, the students had to paint all the parts of the plane. The plane was comprised of one clothes pin, two regular sized Popsicle sticks, and one short Popsicle stick. Each was
given out individually. When the student finished painting one part of the plane, we would give them the next! By doing this, we kept the chaosphoto 2 (2) of having over 30 children work on an art project simultaneously at bay. Anyone who has worked with lively children can understand what a task this is!

After their planes dried, the children were instructed to glue the pieces together like they were in the conto (or example in English.) This was the tricky bit. Striking the balance between too much and too little glue is difficult—even for a seasoned crafting professional like myself! After the glue was applied, the children had to wait a couple minutes until the glue had dried. A test in their patience, some students jumped the gun and handled the planes before they were ready—leading for wings to become unstuck. But not to fear! A little more glue and a few more minutes (with their lesson in patience learned), the students were able to have their creations mended to photo 3 (2)perfection!

The last step was to secure a string to the planes. Doing this enabled the students to “make them fly” without ever having to let go of the plane.  In addition, the string makes it so their art projects can be hung at home.  They waited (somewhat) patiently as Alice went around to each student and secured the strings to their planes! All of the students sported huge smiles as they filed out of the center.

Just another successful day at IHF Jakarta!


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