From Bali: Cool Games on a Hot Day

By Laura: Work-Study Bali

As every Wednesday we have a special activity at Bali Center.  This Wednesday was incredibly hot. As such, we had to find something that let us enjoy being outside without having bali2ourselves melt.

This led us to a have a water balloon fight. We made two teams and spiced it up a bit. The children were not simply given the balloons. They had to work for it.

Passing a cup full of water with their mouth without using hands to their classmates and then throwing it into a bucket was the first challenge. By the end the children were drenched and the buckets were empty (the children had dumped them on one another.)bali

The next task was to retrieve a coin from the bottom of a water filled bucket–again using only their mouths. They picked up on it fairly quickly, which resulted in similar outcomes between the teams: 13 coins each and all of the students totally wet.

Tbali5he activity of the day was the famous game Twister ™. Though we are adults, sometimes we are worse than the children. We had decided to increase the difficulty through making the Twister ™ mat slick by adding some soap and water. The final result was a lot of laughs and children falling.

After calculating all of the points from the previous steps, w doled out two balloons per person to both teams. A few minutes later, the watery battle began. The most entertaining part about the whole thing was the fact that there were a few balloons which we couldn’t break. They were passed like a hot potato Bali6between the teams! The children had a great time, and so did we.

To finish we picked up every piece of the broken balloons and threw them into the garbage. We are always telling the children about the importance of recycling and preventing pollution in their neighborhood, as doing so keeps Bali beautiful.


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