“Hakuna Matata” from Stefania in Nakuru!

By: Stefania, Voluntourist Kenya 

This is the last week for me here in Nakuru Center. It has been one of the best experiences in my life. In these last days, the relationship between the kids and I has DSCN0405blossomed. Sometimes at the beginning of one’s stay, the children can be very shy.  With time, they will become more relaxed, and come to you to spend time together. The kids are so nice: they love playing and taking photos together, and they like asking about my culture and my country. This is one of my favorite things because it enables me to learn also something about Kenyan Culture and the Swahili language.

After dinner, some of the kids usually do their homework, and they really appreciate if sit with them and try to give a hand. They like doing maths DSCN0487exercises together, and asked me many times to teach them some maths.

The weekend is a great time to stay all together. As most of the kids don’t go to school on the weekend, they are around in the center. Last Saturday we prepared chapattis and I really enjoyed it. The kids were so happy to make them and really interested in the preparation. Friday and Saturday nights are usually movie nights. The children are always so excited to watch a movie together!

Last weekend we had some visitors come froma college in Nakuru. They came to assist us, both boys and girls, in picking food for rabbits, DSCN0522cooking and cleaning the rooms. Their principal told me it was a project to teach them that you do not need to be rich  to help other people.  Giving your hand in little and simple ways is already a big help. The time they spent here was such a gift.

There is always so much work to be done here. The project with the rabbits is going very well and I really like going to feed them in the morning. At the moment there are eleven babies. They are growing so fast and eat so much! We have finally we have our first black rabbits!

There also a lot of activities to do out of the center if you have some free time. The director Julie is always ready to suggest nice trips to have around Nakuru. I’ve been to Thomson’s Falls in Nyahururu, where you can walk to the bottom of the waterfall. They walk is quite difficult, but nottoo far. I’ve also been to Lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate National Park. It’s the only park in which you can rent a bike to ride around and see the sights.  There are no dangerous animals and it’s an amazing experience riding among zebras, antelopes, warthogs and other animals.

Kenya is a peaceful place. I learned to appreciate every single moment of my day, from waking up early in the morning and taking care of rabbits, to help people here in the center with works such as preparing maize or sewing the bags to keep it in safety. DSCN0470There is never any hurry–you just take the time you need. The people here teach you how to live with the philosophy of “Hakuna Matata”, no problems!

I’m sure I will miss Kenya and all the kids, but I will bring with me back to Italy so many beautiful moments with the children and the people of this center in my heart Their smiles will be impressed forever in my memory. I swear by this: Africa can give you all the happiness you are looking for!


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