Recruitment: Far from Mundane

by Virginia, Co-Director

Sometimes recruitment can seem to be like a boring task.  Not difficult, but boring.

Something happens in Bali all the time, when say you work in “yayasan” (the bahasa word for NGO.) Almost everyone here around knows about IHF and what we do. They ask “caIMG_2777n you come to my village? The people are poor, the kids don’t have a proper education…” We encounter the same situation again and again. “English and computers? For free? Ah, but in Buitan… The cost of transport…” This seems to be one of their main concerns: transportation.

Last week our work study Laura and I met Wayan. He told us about the needs in their community, and his wife invited us to join them on Monday for a ceremony. We could have the opportunity to get to know their village, their community, and also they could get to know us. So there we went, wearing our “selendang”, mandatory to enter in the temple.

We found without problem the house of our host and, with the family, we went to the temple. We enjoyed the most beautiful celebration—one tht I have never seen. The IMG_2774colorful clothes of the woman, the sounds of the music, the flowers everywhere… Everyone smiled to us, curious and shy.

After the ceremony, we came back to the family house and then we explained a little bit more about the work in the center: how having their children learn English and computers will improve their communities, and their own futures. They were very thankful, sending us back home with our backpack full of fresh fruit, and our minds and hearts happy. The people really appreciate th

e work that we do and believe in the way that we can contribute to their community. It was very inspiring for me; these people, who have nothing, give to you everything because they see the importance of our work, the effort we and the children put forth, and the results.

This experience has definitely proved to me recruitment’s worth.


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