This is Aceh and We Rock!

By: Vlad, Co-Director IHF AcehDSC_0577

This week we had a private acoustic concert by three   of our bravest students. They stood in front of a crowd of a few other students and couple of bule (Indonesian word for foreigner and albino). We sang some traditional songs, along with a few modern ones with the help of YouTube. The singing was of course amazing, but the costumes were simply the best in town. It went very well and ended with loads of applause and candy.DSC_0584

In other news, it has been rainy and sunny at the same time for the whole week. This coming rainy season will be something. In my country when it rains, and at the same time there is direct sunlight on you, we say that bear is getting married!

In terms of classes, we are being well prepared and having more fun than ever. Nazma will soon be leaving us, as she’s off to get married. Though we wish her well, we are sad to see her go. David, who is from the USA, will join us here in Aceh. His background in DSC_0570international studies and managerial experience will surely be a great asset to our team!

On a more solemn note, we cannot pass on the serious issue of constant jungle fires in the last months. A third of worlds orangutan population is at risk, on top of the huge amount CO2 being sent into the air. It is hard to believe that this is happening in our own back yard!



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