Making a Pumpkin Patch

DSC_0017By Amanda, Co-Director

Halloween at IHF Bali was a relaxed, fun day. I can say that it was one of the highlights of my stay here so far. Around 25 children showed up for the Halloween special activity. We played some music and sang some songs together. The children LOVE when we sing with them, regardless of how bad (sometimes downright terrible) our voices are.DSC_0050

Our Halloween activity was to draw pumpkins and make a pumpkin patch by hanging them on the staircase. All the children voted for the best decorated pumpkin. The top three students in DSC_0035the pumpkin decorating contest were supposed to get ice cream as an additional prize on top of their Halloween candy and crayons. But, it was so hot outside, I gave into the puppy eyes and all the children got ice cream. Smiles all around!DSC_0059

Days like Halloween are my favourite. All the children come to the center just to relax and hang out. I love seeing children here when they don’t have class; it shows that they feel comfortable and enjoy being here.


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