Henna Time

JpegBy Vladi, Co-Director Aceh

How about some henna in Indonesia! It’s actually common in Jakarta, where you have  so many different cultures and you can get it done for few bucks in the center of the city. But in Aceh, it seems IHF is the only specialist (and now some of the students, too.) JpegWe even managed to get the boys involved. Obviously a delicate henna pattern was not as appealing to our young machos, as lets say a scorpion, for example. Even I joined in with a brilliant soul revealing henna sketch of a tree! It is  a fun activity that everyone can try at home. The henna paint should be available in your local arts/Indian store.

Another super-ultra-mega cool activity we did recently was stringing File_002Cheerios (a brand of cereal) into fun bracelets. First you make the bracelet
and then you eat it, of course. Surprisingly, the kids did not eat the materials before the workshop, ended. That in itself was an amazing achievement, requiring an enormous amount of will.

IFile_005n other news we have 6 more local volunteers to teach 3 of our classes. They are all students from the local university, and want to back each other up in pairs while teaching. They will be in charge of 1st, 2nd grades, and the computer class. We are actually really excited to see students that want to give something back and volunteer just because they have a bit of free time. That kind of passion is always welcomed!


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