Hands can Create Many Things

By: Igor, Vollkjhuntourist Thailand

This is my second week at IHF in Thailand and I’d like share some interesting things I’ve discovered here. I was impressed by the ingenuity of some of the children, especially Nupon.

Nupon is naturally creative and has constructed handmade tools, like a bow and arrow, which he can use professionally. We were all lucky enough to watch him use it to catch a chicken, which was later our dinner.

All the children here are very close to the nature, rearing chicken for eggs and meat, gathering wild herbs and leaves for meals and even sun drying fruit for snacks. Something I don’t get to see much in my home city of Moscow.

I have also been amazed by the Nupon’s hgfghjklkjhgfcuriosity in mechanical mechanisms. He is always busy fixing the scooter and bicycles and because I have some skills with this, I try to help. He is able to carry out minor repairs and assess problems very quickly. Yesterday, one of our bikes got a flat tire and Nupon sealed the puncture expertly. Together, we assembled the wheel of the bike and it was ready for use.

When I was a university student I was into Power and Wight lifting, an interest I share with both Darid and Nupon, who train with their weights every day.  They have built a small gym. Although there isn’t a lot of equipment in it, they have enough for an effective workout. So I have been giving them short classes on technique. I am working at providing them with a comprehensive program so that their workouts will be more effective. I am very happy to be sharing something that can make a difference to their lives.

I’ve only been in Thailand for two weeks, but I can already see myself making a difference, and that is something I came here to do. It’s funny what skills and interests become useful to others, when you volunteer and I am learning as much about myself as I am about IHF, Thailand, children and volunteering.


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