Volcanic Sunrise and Balinese Dancing

By Anne (Spain), Voluntourist Bali

Last week I climbed Batur volcano in Bali.
Climbing Batur volcano in Bali was quite tough, although I forgot about the difficulty and the steepness of the mountain as soon as I came to the top: the sun woke up. It was a IMG_20151118_052408Beautiful sunrise! The fatigue was also rewarded by the amazing view from the summit  which can be admired once the sun has risen.

Me and my friends from IHF then had a walk to other craters that form the volcano, all different in size, before starting our way down. It was even worse than going up as we were very tired and the road had gotten slippery in multiple tracts. We we had woken up at 1:30 AM, taken the car at 2:00 AM and gotten to the base of the volcano at 4:00 AM to start the climb, which takes
about 2 hours. The funny part of it was the army of monkies that
awaits hikers at the summit. For them morning hikers means “breakfast has arrived”.  They took my Toblerone and cake in just seconds.  It was a great experience.

IMG_5359 (1)On our way back we asked Dika, our favorite driver, to take us to a temple. We were then driven to the bat temple, were we saw a cave full of these animals.

Back at the center, Wednesday’s special activity awaited us. This time it was
, taught by the girls. They did a great job. We managed as we could, having slept so little, but heat was really too much and we couldn’t continue.  The girls then went back to their favorite activity, drawing, while the rest of them relaxed and chatted.

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