Bittersweet Goodbye

By Nazma, Co-Director Aceh

I have thousands of pictures IMG_20151104_152441from my experience with IHF Aceh center. When I first got here, I had a little idea of what I would be doing. I didn’t know there was so much more that I would be managing, especially the center. Trust me,  it’s all been magical and very rewarding.

I’ve become so attached to the kids and saying goodbye to them this week was so hard. I’ve always had a passion of going abroad to teach kids.  In my community we have a youth organization that I used to be a member of. IMG_20151104_141729My colleagues and I would make visits to primary and secondary school to give motivational speeches. In my community some youth tend to not continue with higher education because of family financial issues.  So with the organization I worked for,  we would provide sponsorship to the kids who have shown great interest and have good grades to attend higher education.

So coming to Aceh to teach was a great. Being able to go to some of my students houses for interviews for possibly getting them sponsored so that they can stay in school was another great experience. The letters, gifts and drawings received from my students and friends from Aceh will always be with me.IMG_20151007_143842

I’m very glad I chose to volunteer with IHF. My time was well spent these
8 months and I would like to do it again in the future. I worked with great people who turned to be friends for life. I’ll miss everyone I’ve met in Aceh especially my adorable, diligent, and awesome students.

Until then… Hati Hati


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