Nakuru Feels Like Home

By Agnieszka, Co-Director Nakuru

My name is Agnieszka and I just started working as a Co-Director at IHF. Coming to Kenya was very exciting and emotional for me because it felt like returning home after having a long time away

I remember it very well, just like it was yesterday. Three years ago I was getting ready to leave the country after having my first volunteering experience. I promised myself I that I must come back!

WP_20151122_19_29_07_ProIn Kenya time passes differently. Even though we are all very busy here with local and international tasks, there is always time for joy, play and kindness. This is one of the reasons why I felt for Kenya so deeply – the good energy you receive from the children, their appreciation and their love is enormous. They make you experience happiness in its purest form, simply through the time spent together.

Last week was a very important in the center since all of the children finished their classes. I even had a chance to attend the graduation ceremony with two little boys – we had spent all day (literally!) in the WP_20151120_08_56_49_Proclassroom listening to children`s poems and songs. Then finally we saw the top students being rewarded. It was a very emotional day for the children and was worth all the time spent there!

Now, as the official first week of my one year stay in the center came to an end, I can say that I’ve never felt this excited about my work ever before! Yes, it is very challenging, but it is very rewarding too. It is rewarding in the most beautiful way – through the smiles of the children for who we create a home.


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