Learning to Save

By: Sahat20151113_163823
Special activity is always held on Fridays at the center. This week, we planned to make a piggy bank from second hand materials such as cans and boxes that the children could easily bring in from home. Other materials that needed to be prepared were scissors, white craft glue to firmly secure all of the materials, and some colour patterned paper or wrapping paper to cover the whole body of 20151113_165611the piggy bank.We decided to do this kind of creative activity to encourage the children to save money. along with showing them how to recycle by using second hand material. Before Friday, we had informed the children to collect their own material, and to bring it in on that day. By doing so,  they were free to decide what kind of piggy bank that they wanted to make.This time, the children were primary students of SD 5. They also had help in making this great craft activity with some senior students like Juli, Rina, Ardi and Atin. One boy, Ezriel created his own piggy bank 20151113_165555from a shoe box! The other two girls created their own from some empty milk cans  with the help of Nur, one of our local math teachers who always helps with our special activities at the center!

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