Creative Problem Solving in Art

By Gabby, Co-Director IHF Jakarta sdgfg 003

Like trees, children will grow tall and strong! This is why I decided for our Special Activity we would make trees out of cardboard.

The kids really enjoyed the activity because they were able to use scissors. Usually I am uncomfortable with giving them scissors, as our children tend to be quite high energy, and we average 15-25 students per Art class. However, after seeing them grow and progress through these craft activities, I came to the conclusion that they were mature enough to handle a bit of scissor wielding themselves.

As it was a 3D construction activity, the students had to figure out what pieces had to fit where in order for the tree to be able to stand. They also had to figure out how to attach the branches without having them fall off during the painting process. Even after giving an example, some of the students still had difficulty. However, sdgfg 007it was great to see their minds working, creatively solving the problems of construction.

Once the structure of their trees was secure, they were able to paint the trunk and branches of the tree. In order to increase their creative freedom, they were not constricted to natures norms when it came to choosing the color they wished to paint their trees. Therefore we had blue, brown, orange, and pink trees.

After picking what color paper they sdgfg 008waned their leaves to be, they cut and glued them on. Or rather, they asked the teachers for some assistance in cutting the leaves, and then glued them on themselves.

All in all, concentration and joy was abounding!


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