Putting the FUN into Fundraising

FullSizeRender (3)By Cheryl, Co-Director Thailand

Donation boxes, flyers, and online marketing kept us very very busy this week! Chiang Rai has tried its hand to fundraising, and we think we’ve done it in
the fun-est ways possible!

IMG_2928Just check out our hand-made donation boxes. Hand print courtesy of Chichi, who was incredibly excited by the arts and crafts evenings and wanted to help out as much as she could!! We have put our custom boxes all around the city and are hoping to catch the eyes of generous tourists everywhere.

But we didn’t stop there. Attempting to put IHF Chiang Rai on the agenda of as many concerned locals as we could find we hosted a human trafficking awareness event, with a side order of… you guessed it fun! This time, in the form of a QI themed quiz featuring brain teasers likedo something or do nothing

Which of the following is an actual medical condition?

A. big hands disease

B. Exploding head syndrome

C. Giggly Gut Disorder

D. Soft ‘n’ Squidgy peristalsis

The quiz kept everyone entertained and mini presentations kept our crowd  informed. All in all it was a great night, and we even managed to raise a few pennies for the center! And if you’re wondering what the answer was, I bet you didn’t guess B!!


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