Aceh: Fully Sponsored, Preparing for Exams


By David, Co-Director Aceh

This week came with some excellent news. We found out all of our students in Aceh have been sponsored! The children and staff are incredibly grateful for our sponsors’ generosity and hope that it can be similarly extended to those in need at IHF’s other centers. But before we can get down to writing the many thank you letters, there is still plenty of studying to do.

IMG_8663With midterm exams next week, we’re holding our final review classes before seeing just how much the students have retained so far this year. From a teaching perspective, this raises some challenges. Devising interesting ways to present material is a perpetual endeavor in lesson planning. This becomes even more important and difficult when reviewing old material that can easily lose kids’ interest.

In addition to classes, we’re also busy IMG_8664preparing tests and making arrangements for next week’s Pass It On ceremony. It’s our first major event as a Co-Director team, and we’re all excited to see how it goes!



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