Fruits and Recruitment in Bali

By: Maja, Work-Study Bali IMG_5710
Wednesday morning our co-director Virginia and I woke up at 5 am in the morning. At this time the sun has not yet risen and the air has not yet been filled with the sounds of people and animals. This kind of silence is a rare phenomenon here in Bali, therefore, you fully enjoy it when you have the opportunity. However, we did not only wake up this early for enjoying the silence, but rather for visiting one of the more chaotic and loud places in the area: the market in Manggis. The goal of the trip was to buy exotic and different fruits while recruiting new students for the center.

IMG_5712We arrived at the market just before 6 am and it was already filled with people from all the surrounding villages. Virginia and I were welcomed with smiles and laughter from the lovely Indonesian people who had woken up early to sell their products. Some people also looked at us with disbelief as it is not common for a white person to visit the market that early in the morning. Additionally, Virginia and I have a very pale complexion even after weeks of sunbathing. We also have curly hair. Virginia is very tall while I am very short. In other words, we were an interesting topic for the locals’ small talk.

While walking down the small street with stalls on both sides, we handed out the leaflets to the locals while trying to explain that we come from the Yayasan in Buitan. Everybody knows that there is a NGO in Buitan, but they do not know that their children can have English lessons for free. Therefore, they get really excited and ask about the schedule, age, classes etc.

Unfortunately, the small amount of Indonesian we know is not enough to start a proper conversation with them. Nonetheless, it is amazing how people treated us when they found out that we are working in a yayasan. The recruitment went over all expectation with people literally taking the leaflets out of IMG_5711
our hands. Hopefully, the recruitment will lead to a lot of new students registering at the center. Apart from the recruitment the shopping also went very well as we bought a large amount of fruit including bananas, some interesting fruits we have not seen before, markisas and palm sugar. We also bought small rice cakes in different forms and sizes. All in all it was a very successful trip.


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