Graffiti and Revision

By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta

We are still reminiscing Pass it On 095about how wonderful our ceremony was last weekend. With Pass-It-On behind us, we have entered the time of year when students will go on break.  Children will soon have off from school, and attendance will drop. As such, we have been re-enforcing past topics, rather than starting new ones. In this way, we are able to make sure students who are unable to come to classes in the end of December do not fall behind.

But reviewing old information does not have to be a bore! At Jakarta center, we have been trying to create engaging ways to go back through the information. Incorporating movie clips, like Mr. Bean or Charlie Chapman are always a hit. The students are told to write their reactions to what they watch or describe what they see in paragraph form.

File_000 (1) (1)Paragraph writing can be one of the most difficult things when learning a new language and this is a fun, engaging way to get the students thinking.

As usual, we ran 2 special activities this week. The first was to make fish out of paper. Though we did not have many students come and it was not as complicated as some of our more recent activities, the children who participated had a blast. They used glue, scissors, and colored paper to make beautiful fish.

The second activity was a graffiti File_002 (1) (1)class for our SD5-SMA students. After talking to Rhama, one of the children living at Jakarta center, I decided that this would be a great activity. Many of our students SD5 and above are interested in Graffiti.  Even the boys showed up; usually they shy away from the craft activities.

As always, we are hectic and frazzled, but in good spirits!


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