Chiang Rai: The Place to Be

By Kaja, Work Study Thailand

My first week at the center in Chiang 20151218_191430Rai, Thailand flew by! I arrived on Monday in the afternoon. After settling into my room and having a look around the center I thought to myself: this is a place where I can imagine spending two full months. I just loved the way the children turned this place into a home, not to mention how warmly I was welcomed by Cheryl, the current Co-Director, and Chaniya, another volunteer.

After showing me everything and answering a few of my first questions (I had a whole bunch of them!), Cheryl didn’t hesitate any longer to tell me, “Tomorrow we are having a fundraising event, we are going to cycle non stop 24 hours on a bike and stream this live into the whole world on YouTube to raise money for new bikes, it’s gonna be fun!” I didn’t really
20151218_200036have any chance to say no, but I wanted to do it anyway because I loved the idea. And yes, it was fun! Even though it was a bit more tiring than we all had thought. And it was really, really successful! Thanks to many friends and loved ones, we raised around $800 on the day! We and the children were very happy about so much support and can’t wait to finally get the new bikes in January (when the donation-account is going to be shut).

In the next weeks I really hope, that I am going to get warm with the children. This is my biggest wish while volunteering at the center. But besides this I already know, that these nine weeks are going to be very instructive and path breaking for me, as Julie, our Executive-Director, already shared her plans with me, which I really liked. So exciting! My time here will definitely not be a bore.


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