Hitchhiking and Festivities

By Agnieszka, Co-Director Kenya

My name is Agnieszka and it`s been more than a month now for me here in the center.

017We’ve had a really wonderful week!

With the holidays  just round the corner, we had plenty of little treats throughout the whole week.

The time to decorate the Christmas tree finally came and we had plenty of fun listening to the cheesy Christmas songs while putting the lights on the tree.

Kids really loved watching Home Alone in the evening – it was a nice reward for everyone after very busy days doing proper cleaning and cooking.

Our voluntourist Kerith organized a little120 theatre show with the kids and they all played Cinderella Story. It was magnificent! Watching the little girls turning into the princess or big boys into the ugly sisters was remarkable.

We also made a one day trip to Pokot, where all our kids come from. The landscapes were so beautiful and people, despite the poverty, were so friendly and open. The boys that we traveled with seemed to be very happy and proud to show us around and introduce to their relatives. It was a really beautiful experience. Though it wouldn’t  be a proper trip without some adventure going on right? On our way back the car broke down so we all hitchhiked squeezed inside of a small truck…which got broken too! When we finally got to thWP_20151217_09_13_13_Proe nearest town,
exhausted after the busy afternoon breaking and fixing cars, we took matatu and arrived safe at the center, going straight to sleep. And yes, we all had a very long sleep after that.

Now we`re making plans for Christmas, which is really a lot of work. We`ll be cooking for 30 kids and keeping them entertained at all times.

But that`s what Christmas is for. I`m very happy to have all those kids around me and being able to share this special time of a year with them, here in Kenya.



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