Aceh for the Holidays

By: David, Co-Director IHF AcehIMG_0428

The holidays are here and things are starting to wind down in Banda Aceh. During this time, many schools close and children go to their villages with their families. This means that a majority of students aren’t going to be here. As such, we won’t be holding regular classes again until after the new year. Instead, we’ve started conducting daily special activities that all the kids who show up can participate in, regardless of their age.


IMG_0425We started with an interesting map activity devised by Vlad. We had the kids cut out shapes of the continents and glue them onto a large poster board, and placing them where they thought they belonged. Then they cut out animals and geographical features (mountains, trees, etc.) and arranged them accordingly, coloring everything in along the way. For the young ones, this served as a geography introduction, but it was largely a creative activity that had some interesting results. When we repeated this with the older students, we were able to incorporate more information and foster more of a discussion about geography. The resulting map also looked significantly less like it was drawn by Salvador Dalí.


This slower pace because of the holidays is certainly welcome. As we’re a person down with Emma on her holiday, Vlad and I don’t mind having a smaller workload. It has given us a chance to catch up on some things and also find time to stay in touch with our own families while they celebrate Christmas back home.


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