Edible Creation and Destruction

media 080By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta

As the students are on a break from school, many of them have gone home to their villages to visit their families. As such, attendance has dropped, and will remain low until the new year. In addition, the holidays were fast approaching. Thus, we focused this past week on special activities.

After having our last formal classes on Wednesday and insuring all of the students were aware of our schedule for the last two weeks of December, we media 044got down to the business of prepping all of our special activities! There were candy baskets to be made, Gingerbread houses to be decorated, and cowboy hats to be created.

Each special activity had a fairly high attendance considering they occurred on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,  and Boxing Day (the day after Christmas,) respectively. The students were especially excited by the fact that they were able to eat two out of the three creations!

media 063The students really got into all of the activities, but I think my favorite was when we made gingerbread houses. Having this event on Christmas day was my own little celebration. I had always loved making gingerbread houses and was excited to be able to share this activity with my students. They were so creative with their designs, and both the younger and older children enjoyed themselves immensely. They didn’t even get too upset when faulty architecture led to fallen houses. Jokingly the students said they had been hit by a tsunami, and fell into a small fit of giggles. media 060

Seeing their joy in making these silly little edible houses reminded me why I came to Indonesia, so far from my home and my family. Their creativity and intelligence deserves to be supported in a structured educational environment, and I am glad to be part of an organization that gives that to them.

This realization was the greatest gift of all.


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