The Road to Pass It On

By: Sahat, Co-Director Medan

One week prior to the Ceremony, children were preparing for the final exam at the center. Every student was doing their best and put in a lot of effort getting ready for their tests. They were studying hard and reviewing lessons that had been prepared at home or at the center with teachers. This final exam is the common test at the end of term to evaluate the students’ progress throughout the whole semester. This exam also educates the children about how to compete among one another in a positive way. Besides the students’ readiness, all the teachers have been doing great job to arrange and reviewing the teaching materials in order to ensure that all the children were prepared for the test. Students from SD1 to SD6 did the exam for Performancesboth subjects in one day, English and Math. And to those who couldn’t come for the scheduled exam,had a second chance to conduct the exam another day of the week.

After conducting the exams for all classes, teachers were busy correcting all the papers from their own classes. It was very time consuming but they always help with everything we need at the center. Making the list of student rankings to see who did the best and were worthy to receive the grades has to be done so fast. Almost all our children are amazing students, and the teachers had a really difficult time deciding the winners. They all did great on their exams and got very good scores. It’s been a crazy time for the teachers. The attendance and students’ participation in class were the best criteria to be considered to help the final assessment. Apart from that, all teachers, children and us co-directors spent lot of time and energy planning this annual event at the end of term of semester. Arranging the budget so we could get the best prizes, going shopping Giving awards
for them, printing the certificates in color, and wrapping the gifts for the winners of each class was done with the help of teachers at the center.

During this week there was also some entertainment and shows organized  and well-prepared for at the center. Our wonderful song entitled “Pass It On” was sung together to open the Ceremony. Then, a mini short drama of Cinderella in different version, the song “flashlight” sung by our senior girls, an Indian dance, SD5 students  sung “I have a dream”, Musikalisasi Puisi “Bahasa Langit” was done by junior students, and lastly a quiz about general knowledge to increase the students’ excitement with drinks and snacks given as rewards. Our teacher, Jenifer took a chance in giving some clues about the quiz; we limited the answers as all the children sat together. The first session was given to SD1-SD6, and then continued for our junior level students. It became a bit noisy as every child wanted to show their ability to answer, but they were very happy. It was a lot of fun to see the enthusiastic  effort they put into answering the quiz as well as the teachers in giving the questions. The Instasize_1227203319parents were also most welcome to the center to see their kids’ performances.
They had such good impressions and were proud of their children.

Snacks and drinks were shared at the middle of the Ceremony. Everyone was really excited to get chocolate! We also provided various kinds of chocolate flavored snacks and candy. It was a really good time for the students and I enjoyed the moment while they watched each of the performances. At the end of the Ceremony, we were all took care of our own trash. Everyone put their own trash it into dustbin, as we believe in “cleaning to educate.” At the end, we gave  one book each to all our children. It is so amazing the children coming to our center don’t have much but they live each day with happiness in their hearts. It makes me so blessed to be a part of their lives and it taught me to always appreciate the life that I have.


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