The New Year Brings Nakuru Good News

By: Aggie, Co-Director Nakuru

My name is Aggie and I have been aWP_20160102_16_33_11_Pro Co-Director at our Nakuru Centre for 2 months already. It is unbelievable how the time flies here!

Last week schools in Kenya re-opened, so our Nakuru home started to be very busy and full of people again. The kids who went to Pokot to see their relatives over Christmas finally get back to us and started getting ready for school. It`s a bit of a mission here at the centre to organize everyone`s books, school accessories, and uniforms. Somewhere in between one shopping and another  we managed to find time for a movie or playing games to cheer up all those kids who were, let`s say,not necessarily excited about going to school again.

WP_20160106_16_00_32_ProLast week we were also given some very good news! Two of our boys got a great opportunity and were transferred to a good boarding school just outside of town! I was so proud and excited for them: just as if I was the one getting such a great opportunity to study!

In other good news, we received the funds for the higher education of one of our Assistant Co-Directors who will start agriculture courses later on this year. We are all so happy. The beginning of this New Year has been very generous to us. Fingers crossed for more success!


One thought on “The New Year Brings Nakuru Good News

  1. From a former director to a current director: I love reading the Nakuru updates 🙂 Send my Mambooo! to the kids and greetings to the staff (including big hugs for Evi & Matron). Are the two boys going to boarding David & Elvis? Such great news!

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