Reflections on Sponsorship

By: Alice, Co-Director BaliJpeg

The TEP sponsorship program we have at IHF plays a very special part at all of our centers. This program allows us to provide the financial support many of our students need in order to attend school and complete their education.

Many of our students live in poverty, which means that without the sponsorship money they receive they are unable to afford school fees, uniforms, supplies and transport to school. Co-directors like myself are lucky enough to see the impact that this small monthly donation has first hand, and the ultimate outcome: children who are able to stay in school while also getting extra help and support at our centers.

At all our centers we currently have children in our sponsorship program without sponsors. This means that they do not receive the financial support they need and are struggling to complete their education.

JpegAt IHF we have many payment options that can allow you to sponsor a child short or long term, depending on your budget. The sponsored students often build great relationships with their sponsors as they send a letter to them every month, telling their sponsor about their life. Sponsors often choose to respond with their own letters and form great friendships with their sponsored students. Sponsors are even able to organise with IHF to meet their sponsored students in real life and see first-hand how beneficial the monthly payments have been to them.

Providing our children with sponsorship  is an incredibly rewarding experience for sponsors, makes a real difference in their lives, and gives the student the potential to build a brighter future.

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