A Sponsor Visits: a Busy Week for Jakarta

By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta

IMG_4994This week was busy here in Jakarta as always! Along with classes and special activities, we had a visit from one of our sponsors and held a meeting for our teachers.

Lenko and Renta are sponsors for two of our children here in Jakarta: Putri and Ica. Putri and Ica are our house mother’s daughters.

This past week, Lenko and Renta were able to visit our center and get some face time with their sponsored children! In order to have a visit with their sponsor children, they had to contact our sponsor processing team. This is done to ensure the sponsors and and Co-Directors at the center have a clear understanding of the time in which the visits will take place, and what is to be expected.

The visit was a great moment for us all. At times like these, the connections between sponsors and children strengthen, and we can see the friendship between the two grow.

In addition to this excitement, IMG_4986we had two special activities. With our SD students, we made treasure chests. Though the activity ended up being a lot more difficult than anticipated, the children left very proud of their creations! Us teachers were pretty worn out by the end of it all, but it was worth it to see the joy upon their faces. With our SMA students, we ran a drawing class with our newest volunteer–a proper art teacher! It was great, and the students had a lot of fun. They always love drawing, and to be able to give them more tools in their creative toolbox is always

Saturday was also an incredibly busy day. We had IMG_4992a meeting with all of our teachers to go over information about IHF and review classroom procedures. The meeting went well, and we got a few laughs from our modeling activity where we discussed various outlandish (but all true!) class behavior scenarios. As anyone who has spent time teaching would know, classroom control is half the battle when trying to engage students to learn. We hope that by discussing classroom management strategies, we and our teachers can grow as educators at IHF.


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