The IHF Song


By: Jenifer, Local volunteer IHF Medan

I was watching television commercial when I noticed that most of them have their own jingles, like coca cola and KFC. Then I just suddenly got this random thought, “Hey, IHF should have their own jingle, too!”, because music is a powerful way to bring people together. When we sing together, we become closer, and it feels like we are one family. Also, the students here pronounce English very well when they sing, but they are shy wCarl with childrenhen it comes to conversation. So I thought maybe the song can help improve their English.

Since this week it was my turn to do the special activity,  I decided to write a song for IHF and make the students sing it. I was lucky that we were visited by a volunteer from the Philippines, Ms.Carl Binondo. She knows how to play the guitar and she is good at singing. So I asked her if she would help me with the song, since I really struggled with writing the lyrics. Ms.Carl is amazing, most of the lyrics were written by her, and she also helped me figure out the chord progression of the song.

The song is about the children of IHF. They’re here to learn, they’re here to grow, and they all look so happy to be here. These are some of the reasons why I fell in love with these kids. I just thought they deserve a song dedicated to them.

The special activity turned out well. Ms.Carl sang IHF Songa couple songs with the guitar and the kids sang along with us. I played the keyboard and one the senior students played the acoustic shaker. I was really touched when I heard all of these children singing together in harmony, it sounded so peaceful. That was one of the best moments I have had at IHF.

This week has been a truly amazing week. We had so much laughter and joy, thanks to Ms.Carl. Even though she spent just a little time here, but she had made a huge impact in our center. She bought a guitar and a shaker along with some grammar books for the center. She has an amazing personality, and she is one of the very few kind-hearted people I have ever known. We just know we are going to miss her so much and we are looking forward to seeing her again in the near future.

We love you, Ms.Carl, from IHF Medan.


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