Thailand through New Eyes

By: Desai, Voluntourist Chiang Rai

Exactly one year ago, I was hanging around in Bangkok, visiting the Grand Palace, going to a performance, and tasting Thai food. These memories make up the picture of Thailand in my mind. However, no one Jan19IHFplace represents the whole country, and even Bangkok cannot tell the story of Thailand alone. This year I came to Chiang Rai, which impresses me with its special style that is a lot different from the southern part of Thailand.

Surrounded by large pieces of green, the IHF Chiang Rai center is like a small cottage. Compared to Bangkok, life here is more simple and peaceful. Generally, we spent some time on the volunteer work and in our spare time, we walked around the streets Jan20centernearby and took some short trips around the city.

This week, we received the arrival training, cleaned the house together and on Friday, we made dumplings for the children. Dumplings are Chinese traditional food. It is really an interesting and meaningful experience for us to make dumplings in a foreign country. We were glad that everybody liked them.

We Jan20夜市also went to the night bazaar with center director and another volunteer. It was a nice place to taste some local food and buy souvenirs.

On our day off, we took a one day trip to the golden triangle and visited the White Temple as well as Black House, which are two famous scenic spots in Chiang Rai. The White Temple is amazing and quite different from what we expected. It is more like an artwork than a temple.Personally, I have enjoyed my days at the IHF Chiang Rai center very much so far.

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