The Aceh Experience

aasfaghEdfgbdzfBy: Frank 施可强, Voluntourist Aceh

It has been one week since I arrived in Banda Aceh, so everything is still really interesting to me. I’ll never forget my excitement when I saw the splendid Islamic dome of the Banda Aceh Airport. But after first week’s exploration, I have to say the sight of Banda Ache is really beyond my imagination. Almost all of the buildings here are only one or two stories high and you don’t see any tall buildings even in the city center.

Local people in Banda Aceh are really friendly to us. We met Dewi on Tuesday night and she was so enthusiastic about helping us get familiar with this tggfdsunique city. She took us to Aceh’s tsunami museum, Pasar Aceh and many other interesting scenic spots. What’s more, she took us with her friends to go to a famous coffee shop at night, and let us enjoy ourselves there. We all really appreciate her. She showed us the beauty of this unique city, like Acehnese coffee with egg in it and Acehnese the wedding dresses and suits. It all made me really excited. There are also many Acehnese helping us teach the kids at the center. They are all really nice people, and we have learned many Indonesian words and even a little 34rtgswerfAcehnese dialect from them.

The Directors of the center, Emma and Vlad, are really kind to us. They have taught me a lot about both living and teaching, which helped me to get through my first week’s classes smoothly. I’ve never tried teaching like this before, so it is really a big challenge for me. I’m very glad to see my improvements every day, but I still have so many aspects which need to be improved. The kids at the center are all really adorable. I even have found some similarities in how they behave and how I did when I was their age.

All in all, this is really an exciting experience, and I can’t wait to start next week’s adventure!

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