Impressive Experience in Medan

By: Ma & Yang, UNNC Voluntourists MedanMedan 5

This week we have spent great time in Medan. Initially, we were taught Indonesian by local senior school students and we learned some fundamental expressions like greetings and numbers. It is kind of similar to English, and therefore it is not difficult to master. The local students were quite patient and friendly. After that, we played UNO together and had a fantastic time. Though we knew little Indonesian, they made us feel at home.

medan1On Wednesday this week, we taught Chinese in the evening. During class, we taught Chinese characters and pronunciation in terms of numbers and furniture. It seemed that characters were much more difficult for them to remember. After all, pictographic characters differ a lot from letters. What moved us the most was that all of them concentrated on the board seriously and some of them were even taking notes. We are sure that as long as they have more opportunities for education and to connect with people from different cultures, they will cherish and grab them. At the end of the class, we sang a song created by IHF with them. It is a beautiful song and one sentence in the lyrics is impressive: “We can pass it on.” We hope that they can pass it on whether it is sunny or rainy. We also hope that more people will see them, and want to help. Medan 3

On Thursday Sahat took us to buy the things we need to design a new poster. So in the afternoon we finished new posters and replaced the old one. I hope that these kids will like it and it can really help them, even though my drawing was not so good. The new poster contains rules of the center, rights for the kids, class schedule and a fire escape map. All of the things mentioned above should be realized and known — especially their rights.

Medan 4We also handed out leaflets to invite more children who are in poverty and have little access to education to join IHF. We walked a few streets near the center, and it looked like that there were quite a lot of families suffering poverty in this area. We hope that more children will join IHF center in Medan.

This is the end of our experience as volunteers in Medan. Two weeks is quite short, but this period has been quite unforgettable and unique. Thanks to Sahat, Aditi, housemother, other volunteers and all of the kids here for making us have such a wonderful trip.

We wish them a bright future, just as the song goes, “we can pass it on.”


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